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4 ways to transform your house into a green home

green home

Given the popularity of the green energy movement, a green home is a concept that’s being widely embraced by Australians across the country. Designed to be sustainable and supremely environmentally friendly, green homes focus on using natural resources efficiently and are built using sustainably-sourced and/or recycled building material. If you’re considering transforming your living space […]

What are the most innovative types of solar technology?

solar technology

As innovation reaches new heights and the need for renewable energy grows, solar technology becomes more impressive by the day. Accordingly, researchers and companies, both at home and abroad, are now devising some pretty futuristic solar equipment and solutions. From 3D-printed solar trees to floating solar panels, there’s something bigger and better being created almost […]

Solar power in Australia: The country’s biggest projects

solar power in Australia

When it comes to the adoption of renewable energy, there’s nothing more impressive than solar power in Australia. Yet, large-scale solar projects only accounted for 1.8% of Australia’s clean energy and 0.3% of the country’s overall electricity generation in 2017. With the government and the private sector having realised the opportunity in front of them, […]