4 ways to transform your house into a green home

green home

Given the popularity of the green energy movement, a green home is a concept that’s being widely embraced by Australians across the country.

Designed to be sustainable and supremely environmentally friendly, green homes focus on using natural resources efficiently and are built using sustainably-sourced and/or recycled building material.

If you’re considering transforming your living space into a green home – and doing your part towards building a green culture – our blog post it’s the perfect place to start. Continue reading to find out what you can do to create your own green, homely oasis!

Choose environmentally friendly sources of power 

Given that power generation tends to be one of the biggest sources of pollution for many residences, opting for green sources of energy is the key to building a green home.

Give their scalability, increasing affordability, and availability, solar panel systems are becoming the top choice for conscientious homeowners. Apart from enjoying free energy, you may also enjoy feed-in tariffs, which act as credits against your electricity bill for excess energy supplied to the grid – win-win!

In fact, the use of renewable energy has more than doubled over the past decade, amounting to 16% of electricity generated between 2016-2017. In turn, the output of solar power and wind energy continues to rise.

Apart from solar panels, you can also invest in other devices like heat pumps if you’re keen on reducing your reliance on heating and cooling appliances in your home. Simply put, these devices draw hot air and transfer it from one place to the other, providing an energy-friendly version of climate control – expelling heat from your home in the summer and bringing heat inside, during the winter.

Conserve water

Another incredibly effective way to transform your house into a green home is by focusing your efforts on saving water as much as possible.

While this may require some expenditure on low-flow faucet aerators, tankless water heaters, and the like, you do more than just save the environment – you significantly reduce utility costs in the long run as well.

Another addition you should consider is a rainwater collector for you to harness naturally available resources as much as possible. Even if you choose not to use this water for drinking, there are many other household needs that can be met with the collected water.

Cool your roof

One other way to improve the energy efficiency of your home is to cool your roof and reduce the energy and money you spend keeping your home comfortable.

By adding a product that reflects sun rays away from your roof – terra cotta, slate, white tiles, and even rooftop gardens – your home cools faster and retains heat for a shorter time.

As for a rooftop garden or living roof, as it is known, this is certainly an appealing choice given that it also prevents roof water from running directly into the storm sewer system.

Get yourself a smart thermostat

You can also conserve energy and improve your savings by installing a smart thermostat. Provided your cooling and heating devices can be connected to Wi-Fi, these handy tools ‘learn’ your behaviours and habits, and control your air conditioners and heaters to meet your needs.

With a smart thermostat in place, you no longer have to leave the air conditioner or heater on, all day, to come back to a comfortable home. These devices can be remotely operated and will automatically warm or cool your home – when you’re on the way home after work, for instance – creating effortless energy savings.

Create your dream green home with the power of renewable energy

A green home doesn’t have to be one that you build from scratch or spend an outlandish amount of money creating. By making gradual changes and updates to your house, you can convert your residence into a green space, improving energy efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint, and improving energy savings along the way.

As we’ve demonstrated, however, clean energy lies at the core of these efforts.

By adopting solar energy, you transform the way you live and reduce the impact of your home on the environment. Install solar panels and move towards energy-saving technology – you’ll be living in your dream green home before you know it.

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