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Do Changes in the Season and Weather Affect Solar Panel Energy Production?

Solar panel energy production

For an energy system based entirely on natural weather conditions, it seems pointless to ask whether changes in the seasons and weather affect solar panel energy production. Contrary to popular belief, however, solar panels aren’t the most effective in hot weather. This may sound confusing until you actually gain a better understanding of how these […]

Do I Need Better Roof Ventilation?

Do I Need Better Roof Ventilation?

For just about any home, ensuring adequate roof ventilation is always a key concern. Especially in countries like Australia, where climates shift from cold to warm at an infrequent frequency, roof ventilation is necessary to prevent ice dams, moisture build-up, and to expel heat from a property. In this regard, roof or attic ventilation is […]

A Look Into Solar Panel Lifespan

solar panel lifespan

When it comes to investing in solar systems, one of the most common questions we encounter, here at Earthsave, are those pertaining to solar panel lifespan. Given the considerable investment required by these systems, it is expected that they enjoy a long life. Most solar panels, in fact, last a considerable number of years before […]

How to Cut Down on Business Expenditure With Solar Investments

solar investments

As the energy market experiences the shocks inherent to non-renewable resources, a greater number of companies are now looking for ways to cut down on fluctuating electricity bills. In this context, solar investments have proved to be a popular solution – especially here in Australia. By switching reliance from coal and other finite resources, solar […]