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How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Systems

Choosing the best solar panel systems

When it comes to choosing the best solar panel systems, opting for panels that suit your unique and specific needs is arguably the most important factor. Yet, how is this determined? Here, a number of considerations prove to be highly relevant in all cases. Thus, regardless of whether you’re a homeowner looking to become supremely […]

A Guide to Buying Solar Hot Water Systems

With heating activity accounting for significant energy usage, solar hot water systems are fast becoming a popular choice for households across Australia. For many, opting for this energy-efficient technology, choosing the right system and deciding on the best service providers, often proves to be very confusing. That’s why, here at Earthsave, we aim to simplify […]

Benefits of Using Solar Roof Ventilators

solar roof ventilators

Among the range of solar devices transforming the lives of everyday Australians, solar roof ventilators are fast growing in popularity. With the ability to keep the environment in your home cool and pleasant without the use of air-conditioning, what’s not to like? Growing costs in electricity and a volatile non-renewable energy market have made homeowners […]

The Myths About Investing in Solar Panels

Investing in solar panels

If one was to take a quick look at global energy consumption patterns, data would indicate the growing popularity of solar energy over more traditional sources of power. In fact, Australia is a world leader in rooftop solar panels, according to the Australian Energy Council Report in 2016. While the reasons for this are numerous, […]