Benefits of Using Solar Roof Ventilators

solar roof ventilators

Among the range of solar devices transforming the lives of everyday Australians, solar roof ventilators are fast growing in popularity. With the ability to keep the environment in your home cool and pleasant without the use of air-conditioning, what’s not to like?

Growing costs in electricity and a volatile non-renewable energy market have made homeowners jittery about continuing with traditional sources of energy. With solar adoption growing exponentially across the nation, considering the benefits of a solar ventilator can only do you and your home a world of good.

Our blog this week takes a look at how these phenomenal devices work, and the benefits they bring to those smart enough to make the change.

How do solar roof ventilators work?

The powerhouse of solar roof ventilators is its fan. By continuously circulating the hot and cold air from your roof space, these fans are typically designed to absorb the moisture, heat, and humidity that are produced through routine activities within your home. By doing so, it creates a cooler atmosphere, reducing roof temperatures by around 30℃ and room temperatures by 6℃.

While these function very similarly to wind-powered vents, solar roof ventilators far outrank these in terms of efficiency and effectivity. Wind vents are only truly functional when the wind outside is in motion – soft winds and gentle breezes aren’t going to do much for your home. With solar powered devices, you can ensure your home is always cool, both when the sun is shining outside and even when it’s mildly cloudy.

If you’re worried the ventilator will freeze you home to arctic conditions in the winter, worry no more. The fan stops operating automatically when the temperature outside drops below 24°C, ensuring your home stays warm and toasty.

How do these devices benefit my home and my wallet?

More efficient energy usage

While air ventilators can reduce the need for air-conditioning in open and airy homes, it is primarily used to reduce the workload on your cooling units. With such a device in place, you can guarantee that you won’t need to have an air-conditioner running at all times, just to ensure you’re cool and comfortable. Given that roof temperatures can rise to a whopping 70℃ during the summer, this can affect the performance of your roof ducted A/C units. Here, the heat tampers with the cool air running through the unit’s duct pipes.

With an air ventilator in place, energy wastage is greatly reduced. As cooling comprises of a significant portion of your household’s electricity bills, reduce the dent in your wallet with a well-installed solar powered air ventilator.

It protects your roof

More than just cooling your home, these devices also have the innate ability to extend your roof’s longevity. In reducing the moisture in the atmosphere, air ventilators prevent excessive mold and decay from forming. By reducing the wrath of the sun upon your roof, this also prevents damage due to extreme weather conditions. In a country which resides under the damaged component of the ozone layer, such protections are invaluable.

Reduces household expenditure

This is easily one of the most attractive benefits for homeowners looking to go solar. Beyond just reducing your home’s cooling costs exponentially, ventilators also reduce the amount of money you need to spend on property maintenance. By preventing mold and decay from forming or spreading, this saves you from expensive roof repair that might occur as a result of excessive moisture in the air. Furthermore, beyond its purchase and installation expenditure, ventilators do not pose any kind of running cost for homeowners.

Key Takeaways

In terms of jumping on the bandwagon, solar adoption is undoubtedly one of the best trends you could opt into. More than just making your home energy-efficient and cutting down on your costs, solar powered air ventilators also reduces your reliance on electricity to power your home. By installing such devices and moving in on this growing trend, you can ensure that your property is ready to face the energy scarcities set to arise in the future.

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