A Guide to Buying Solar Hot Water Systems

With heating activity accounting for significant energy usage, solar hot water systems are fast becoming a popular choice for households across Australia.

For many, opting for this energy-efficient technology, choosing the right system and deciding on the best service providers, often proves to be very confusing. That’s why, here at Earthsave, we aim to simplify this process, helping you make the best decisions for you and your home.

For reliable advice and tips on purchasing solar hot water systems, take a look below!

What  to consider before you choose solar hot water systems

When it comes to deciding on solar technology such as this, prospective buyers need to consider a few factors at the outset.

These include – the area in which you live, which direction your home faces, the angle of your roof, how many people live in your home, the existing heating system, and household hot water usage.

Once you have all this information in hand, consult experts about which solar hot water system will best address your requirements. Choosing the wrong product will mean running out of hot water, or worse, purchasing a system that costs more than required. In this process, make sure you clear any doubts and questions you may have before going solar.

Which type of system works best for you

In Australia, the main types of solar hot water systems include roof-mounted systems, ground-mounted systems, and heat pumps.

Roof-based systems are ideal if you have ample space on your roof surface. Here, both the panels and the storage tank are placed together on the roof. The collectors absorb the sun’s energy and convert it into liquid for the solar collectors, which then circulates in the storage tank.

Ground-mounted systems, on the other hand, are perfect for homes with limited roof space. Here, panels are mounted on the roof and the storage tank is located at the ground level.

Heat pumps turn to the air in the external environment in order to provide hot water to your home. These devices, when drawing on solar energy to power up its operation, becomes an entirely green heating system with zero reliance on electricity from the grid.

If you’re unsure of which type is more suited to your home, have a chat with certified experts, and make the most energy-efficient decision possible.


The cost and procedures associated with installation really depend on the solar hot water system you choose. Here, the major components include the panels and the storage tank. For solar heat pumps, photovoltaic panels are needed to generate the electricity that runs the compressor.

Installation can often prove to be rather complex owing to various considerations, which include the location of the solar collectors and your panels, among other factors, which will all be explained to you by your service provider.

Rebates and incentives

Many state governments offer rebates and other incentives to purchasers of solar hot water systems in order to minimize start-up costs. Here, the most popular type of rebate is the government regulated small-scale technology certificate. This document can be used to apply for cash discounts when you purchase your solar system.

If you’re unsure of what kind of schemes are available in your area, speak with your supplier for more information.

Reliability of your service provider

Another important factor to be kept in mind is that, no matter how good your solar hot water system is, it will only be as effective as the skill with which it is installed.

Thus, make sure you do the necessary research into your preferred supplier but not before you’ve looked into a few other options as well. In this process, customer reviews, accreditation, awards, years of experience, and other relevant factors will help you make the right call.

Key Takeaways

Solar hot water systems are energy-efficient solutions to modern heating demands. With solar adoption only increasing across the country, more and more individuals are desperate to equip their homes with this type of technology.

Before doing so, however, it is necessary to spend time taking stock of individual needs, looking into various service providers, and ultimately, deciding which system makes the perfect fit.

At Earthsave Solar, we provide you with the best of products and service. Contact us today for more information on our superior solar hot water systems!

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