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The Best Ways to Reduce Hot Water Costs

Hot Water Costs

When it comes to equipping a home with modern amenities, hot water systems are usually a top priority. At a time where energy wastage hurts homeowners’ wallets considerably, however, what can be done to circumvent excessive hot water costs? Fortunately, there are now numerous ways in which individuals can keep energy bills on the lower […]

What Are Air Sourced Hot Water Heat Pumps?

Hot Water Heat Pumps

In many Australian homes, much of energy consumption is the result of extensive heating requirements. With the need for free-flowing hot water all day, every day, how useful are air sourced hot water heat pumps? Drawing on the outside air through effective air inlet louvers, heat pumps are generally ranked among the most energy-efficient solutions. […]

A Guide to Buying Solar Hot Water Systems

With heating activity accounting for significant energy usage, solar hot water systems are fast becoming a popular choice for households across Australia. For many, opting for this energy-efficient technology, choosing the right system and deciding on the best service providers, often proves to be very confusing. That’s why, here at Earthsave, we aim to simplify […]