Energy Saving Tips: Reducing Electricity Costs In Your Property

Reducing electricity costs

In Australia, it’s safe to say that the national pastime is pretty much focused on reducing electricity costs. With the summer and winter often exacting vengeance on the local climate, keeping your property comfortable can be pretty expensive.

In recognition of this fact, our blog this week takes a look at some of the best energy saving tips for conscientious property owners! If you’ve been racking your brain trying to figure out how to keep your costs low and comfort high, our blog is the perfect place to start.

Continue reading for a quick guide on reducing electricity costs in your property today!

Equip your home or office with solar panels

Making use of the abundant sunshine we receive during most parts of the year, solar panels are one of the most effective ways to reduce electricity costs.

An extremely popular energy solution in Australia, it was estimated that over 13 million solar panels would be produced, here at home, in 2018. With solar panels, you can power your heating, cooling, and other electricity needs with great success. Given that excess energy is created in many instances, this can even be fed back to the grid in exchange for credits against your electricity bills.

While the initial investment is often considerable, this cost is made back over the years in terms of exceptional energy savings. Given that solar energy is completely free, before too long, you may even find that your electricity bills are virtually non-existent!

When you decide to go solar, however, you may need to modify your household practices in order to make the most of this free energy. If you do your washing and cleaning in the evening, for instance, it may be best to shift these activities to the morning, when the sun is up.

Insulate your property well

Reducing your electricity costs often comes down to the little things.

In this case, insulating your property well can certainly go a long way. When heated or cooled energy is allowed to leave your property – even through the smallest of cracks or unsealed areas – your heating and cooling devices need to work harder and consume more electricity in order to keep you comfortable.

To remedy this, buy caulk and weather-stripping to seal the cracks in your home or office. You can also consult your builder on other insulation strategies, especially if you’re conscious about how this will affect your property’s curb appeal.

Reduce your reliance on your appliances

When it comes to reducing electricity costs in your home, reducing your reliance on certain household devices, such as your dryer and air conditioner, can make a huge difference.

In this regard, instead of chucking your clothes in the dryer, try air-drying them. While this may take more time, it certainly reduces your electricity costs and may even be better for your clothes. In addition to this, try using your fans more often and cut down on air conditioner usage. You may even find this to be more comfortable in the long run!

Don’t cool empty homes or offices

One bad habit that costs us significantly is our tendency to cool empty properties. While this may certainly prevent you from returning to a stifling home or office, it does drive electricity costs up.

If you’re serious about staying comfortable but are also interested in reducing electricity costs, invest in a smart thermostat, which allows you to control the temperature of your property remotely. This means that you can switch on cooling (or heating!) just before you depart from home or the office, ensuring massive savings on your bills!

Key takeaways

Reducing electricity costs often requires some effort and dedication on your part. While this can prove disruptive to your convenience, in the beginning, the long-term savings are always worth it.

By following the tips set out above, you will soon find that reducing your electricity bills doesn’t necessarily mean a loss of comfort – just a change in how you achieve this comfort in your home or office. Here, solar panel systems are one of the easiest ways to chase the energy savings you’re after!

Want to make reducing electricity costs easier than ever?

At Earthsave, we help you do just that. Check out our solar panel systems or head to our commercial solutions page for more information!

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