Prepare for your immediate and future needs.

Boost efficiency with the right hot water solution.

What to expect from our efficient hot water systems?

As households grow over time and incur changes in lifestyle and habits, their homes need to change accordingly. Hot water systems are at the forefront of some of a household's the most basic necessities. The flip-side to this is that high energy costs are almost a natural by-product of hot water systems, which is why cost management and efficiency is very important. Many households look for solutions that facilitate this and here at Earthsave Solar, we are specialists on this front.

As specialists in the renowned Rheem and SolarArk hot water systems, we help our clients identify the right solution that meets their immediate requirements as well their potential requirements in the future - especially as their families grow. Fortunately, with our supplier's versatile range of systems, combined with our team's profound experience in installation, maintenance, and management of such systems, we are able to provide our customers  with the very best!

When deciding on your options, we'll work with you to better gauge your hot water usage patterns. For example, we'll evaluate how many members of your household use hot water from different outlets at the same time and which times of the day are your household's high usage periods. Your hot water needs will also depend on the water conditions, climate, and water pressure in your area….if you’re not sure, ask your plumber. We'll help you throughout this process!

Core advantages and value additions

  • Greater variety to choose from: We prioritise giving our clients options, which is why we offer solar and heat pump, gas, and electric water heaters.
  • Increased efficiency: Our solar and heat pump water heaters use renewable energy sources to heat water. Solar water heaters use up to 80% less energy than an electric water heater.
  • Eligibility for incentives: Improve savings with solar and heat pump water heaters by leveraging the available incentives.
  • Valuable savings via off-peak tariffs: Electric storage water heaters come with the benefit of incurring money savings.
  • Impeccable product reliability: Despite the unparalleled quality of Rheem solar heaters, our systems come with very generous warranty plans.