How Can I Optimise Solar Energy Usage in the Summer?

How Can I Optimise Solar Energy Usage in the Summer?

As temperatures climb this summer, staying cool is likely to be among your top priorities. Unfortunately, this also means that the cooling load in your home will increase significantly, causing monthly bills to skyrocket to eye-watering prices. It is in this context that solar energy comes in handy!

While the summertime is a breeze for homes with solar panels, there are a few additional ways in which you can optimise system performance for virtually unlimited cooling. Diving into handy tips, continue reading our blog for an easy breezy summer!

Check up on your panels and track usage

While your panels should, by all accounts, work like a dream in the summer, performing regular check-ups can go a long way. Beyond ensuring the lifespan of your solar energy system, this can also improve the output of power for your property.

In this regard, keep constant tabs on your usage patterns. Some panels come with a solar monitoring unit, which allows you to examine how much energy you’re producing and view any potential system issues.

This may allow you to determine the areas in which you can optimise power consumption and move towards a more energy-efficient home!

Clean your solar panels regularly

In order to ensure that your panels are doing their job, thorough cleaning on a regular basis is an absolute must. Fallen debris and dirt from the external environment can impact a panel’s efficiency, ultimately affecting the amount of solar energy you enjoy. They may even damage your panels if left unattended for too long!

Apart from this, make sure you get rid of any natural or manmade structure that’s casting shade over your panels.

Undertake frequent panel servicing

Frequent solar panel servicing can also improve panel performance.

Given that solar panels are installed outdoors, these are vulnerable to falling branches, powerful gusts of wind, and a range of other weather conditions. In order to ensure that residual dirt, cracks, and loose fittings don’t affect the rates of power being produced, servicing is a must.

In this process, hire a reputed service provider with a track record for excellence.

Change your household habits

Another way in which you can enjoy an uninterrupted flow of solar energy is by changing your household practices.

In this regard, make sure to apply zoned control over electricity usage, specifically for cooling in the summer. What this means, in practice, is that you only cool the room you’re in and close up other rooms to prevent energy leaks and wastage.

Further, make use of the naturally occurring breeze during cooler times, such as the night, and ventilate your home in order to alleviate the heat inside. This can reduce the cooling load in your property significantly, optimising solar energy consumption.

At other times, however, ensure that your home is well-insulated and that the curtains are always shut. This prevents heat from entering and cool air from leaving the interior space.

Consider making upgrades to your home

For those who wish to ensure that they’re using the requisite amount of solar energy and nothing more, a few household upgrades may come in handy.

In this manner, take a look at double glazing your windows to prevent heat from entering your home, especially during the summer. Further, if your home does not enjoy the protection of a wrap-around verandah, consider installing an affordable pergola to provide shade within your property.  

Apart from these, do a maintenance check on your entire cooling system. Sometimes, debris and other external agents may be clogging the evaporative cooler, which can clamp down on efficiency. Get these cleaned and check your control system to ensure that your system is in top condition.

If this isn’t the case, consider upgrading your cooling system to include newer models with high levels of energy efficiency.

Key takeaways

Solar energy represents an extremely efficient way of meeting your energy needs, even in seasons like the summer, where cooling demand is driven up. That being said, installing your panels alone won’t ensure that you enjoy cost-free comfort.

By paying heed to the pointers set out above, enjoy uninterrupted solar energy this summer.

What other steps can I take to improve solar energy production?

At Earthsave, we’re experts at providing you with the best of solar energy tips! Take a look at our blog for more ways to stay efficient.

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