How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Glass for Solar Systems

solar panel glass

Despite growing in affordability around the country, solar systems still represent a considerable investment for many homes and offices in Australia. Protecting it, therefore, with high-quality solar panel glass is in the interest of all those who derive their electricity from these systems.

Shielding photovoltaic cells from external agents including dirt, water, vapour, and snow, these protective surfaces enjoy low reflection and a high rate of transmission, allowing panels to operate with minimal disruption.

This, in turn, enables property owners to ensure that their solar systems are safe from potential damage and continue working the way they’re supposed to.

In light of this, our blog this week, first, takes a look at the types of solar panel glass available, followed by a few factors which determine the effectivity of each. Continue reading to find out!

Tempered glass

One of the most popular solar panel glass options available on the market, tempered glass offers up to 6 times the strength offered by flat plate glass.

Created using chemical and thermal technologies, these surfaces are generally strong enough to withstand a considerable level of force or impact – perfect for the intermittent hail storms experienced in the country.

Flat plate glass

Considered the more affordable alternative to tempered glass, flat plate glass is usually found in monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels. These are also found in amorphous or thin-film solar panels that feature a glass plate component.

While this option isn’t as effective as its tempered counterpart, certain manufacturers increase the thickness of flat plate solar panel glass in order to improve its protective qualities. That being said, it still doesn’t compare to the quality offered by tempered glass varieties.

Properties of high-quality solar panel glass

When it comes to choosing the best solar panel glass, the following factors need to be considered:

Adequate solar radiation transmission

While protective surfaces are important for every solar panel system, it’s equally crucial that these do not prevent solar panels from performing their job.

In this regard, it is necessary to inquire about solar radiation transmittance when solar panel glass is being considered. To ensure high transmission rates and easy operation, glass with low iron oxide are those that ought to be used in the manufacturing process.


Another factor that must be considered is the durability of solar panel glass.

Given that this component will be relied on to provide long-term protection to panels against all kinds of weather conditions, the glass must be sturdy enough to withstand the elements.

While glass is generally considered a good protective surface, however, it is also breakable if not looked after well and can prove to be very heavy. With regard to the former, a typical solar panel glass needs to feature a 45mm frame, at the very least.

Choosing options that balance all these considerations, therefore, is important in order to enjoy high-quality solar panel glass.


With regard to tempered glass, specifically, certain properties and processes in the manufacturing chain make this type of glass one of the sturdiest options on the market.

This is why this particular variant is considered ‘safety glass’ or ‘toughened glass’.

Even in instances when it breaks, the glass shatters into tiny pieces that aren’t harmful to those that are required to handle it. In this regard, both its strength and inherent safety make it an ideal component in solar panel systems, both in the context of manufacturing, installation, and performance.

Key takeaways

High-quality solar panel glass is an essential part of solar panel systems that tote high ratings of safety, reliability, quality, and efficiency.

Protecting panels from freak weather incidents and other unforeseen accidents, this component forms an essential protective layer for an investment that’s meant to last decades. It, therefore, pays to invest in nothing but the best glass – they not only protect but also allow panels to operate without any limitation.

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