How to Choose the Right Solar Roof Vents

solar roof vents

Solar roof vents are the sun-powered devices that circulate air in an attic, preventing heat from building up. Apart from the very crucial job of preventing roof damage due to a build-up of moisture, roof vents also make your home significantly more comfortable. By lowering the overall temperature and humidity in this space, your entire home is transformed into a cool oasis.

Are you considering choosing one for your home?

On our blog this week, we take a look at the factors you need to consider before you purchase your environmentally friendly, solar roof vents. Continue reading to find out!

Features and performance

While the performance of solar-powered roof vents seems relatively straightforward, you need to pay closer attention when you’re selecting a device for your home.

Here, keep an eye on the wattage of the solar panel your device carries and the diameter of the extraction fan. In addition to this, make sure that you also look out for roof flashing features, which are tailored to the angles of your roof.

While there are other variables that are relevant, in this context, these factors are the most decisive in terms of capacity and performance. If these seem confusing, make sure you check with your supplier on what the best options are!

Solar roof vent installation

On the whole, it’s best to select solar roof vents that are manufactured in Australia. This is because imported devices may have different installation requirements and may not be built for the extreme weather we experience, here at home.

By choosing a local supplier, you also receive technical guidance and support and have the ability to schedule maintenance whenever necessary.


Standard warranties on a solar panel are between 10-15 years, although this will really depend on who your supplier is. Certain warranties may even exclude certain components, offering around 1-3 years on parts such as the motor.

Regardless, make sure you do your research on the warranties offered by service providers and choose a device offering decent coverage.

Market prices of solar roof vents

One of the most decisive factors in this process is likely to be the price. Before delving any further, just remember that solar roof vents are a long-term investment.

While devices on the lower end may sell for anywhere between $100 – $250, these don’t carry high-quality parts. Ultimately, the performance you receive from these vents may not even justify the amount of money spent. This is evidenced by the fact that these devices generally have a warranty lasting for just one year or so.

While high-end solar roof vents will set you anywhere between $500 – $900 back, these devices come with powerful parts and are built to last a decent amount of time. They also prove wholly effective in maintaining a cooler temperature in your home and protecting it from certain types of damage.

Key takeaways

Solar roof vents are rapidly becoming an essential feature in many Australian homes – especially now that we’re in the thick of the blistering summer.

If you’re keen on enjoying a cool and comfortable home – and a property free of mould and other damage – choosing solar roof vents is a foolproof decision. Unlike electrical vents, you don’t have to worry about any additional cost being added to your electricity bills – powering your device is absolutely free!

Bonus? They’re also known to be much safer compared to more traditional vents on the market.

How can I equip my home with solar roof vents?

At Earthsave, our point of pride is our wide range of solar solutions, including solar roof vents. Get in touch with us to schedule your installation!

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