Solar Homes: What to Consider When You’re Buying or Building

solar home

At a time where energy lies at the heart of everything we do – driving, working, or even making coffee – solar homes are becoming an asset the property market has the hots for.

If you’ve had a solar-powered home on your mind, you’re likely facing one of two options – buy one or build one. In light of this, our blog this week takes a look at how you can build or buy the perfect solar home. From a property with the right amount of shade to the ideal roof design, we cover everything you need to know.

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What to consider when you’re building a solar home:

The geographical features of your land

Unsurprising to most, the geographical features or positioning of your land has a direct impact on how much sunlight you receive. It does, therefore, bear an impact on how well your solar panels work.

If you’re considering moving to the quaint countryside or a quiet coastal belt, you will need to check with your service provider how this will change your solar home requirements. Homes in seaside locations will almost certainly require panels with higher salt and wind corrosion ratings.


When you’re building your new residence, one factor you’ll need to consider – if you want solar panels – is shade.

Take a look around your property and determine if anything will prevent your panels from receiving direct sunlight. Whether these are buildings, your neighbour’s trees or natural elements, such as hanging tree branches in your own garden, you will need to make an estimation of how they will affect solar panel efficiency.

Once you consider this, it may become easier for you to decide what kind of solar panel – whether rooftop or ground-mounted varieties – you need to install.

Roof layout

Another factor that proves pertinent when you’re building your solar home is roof design.

In most instances, a roof that faces the north will allow your panels to enjoy the most amount of sunlight. If this isn’t possible, ask your builders to go with a roof that faces the west. In terms of shape, it’s best to go with a traditional pitched roof as opposed to a flat roof.

Apart from this, you also need to consider any roof fixtures you may be thinking of adding. Whether an old fashioned chimney or a more modern satellite dish, these can affect how your panels work. In these instances, it’s best to position these fixtures as far from your solar system as possible. If your roof is pitched, you can even install these on the other side of your panels.

Solar storage

One distinct advantage of building a solar home is that you have the ability to design your space to suit your needs.

In this regard, consider leaving some space in your garage for solar storage facilities – especially if you already have or are planning to get yourself a sleek electric car.

What to consider when you’re buying a solar home:

The type of home

Are you considering a single-storey home in the suburbs? An apartment in the heart of the city? Unsurprisingly, this decision will also affect how well you enjoy your new solar home.

While apartments or townhouses are generally not the most ideal for solar panels, there are a few creative ways you may be able to work around this. You can, for instance, look for apartments with a shared solar power network, which allows you to use this energy in your own unit.

Make sure you also check local regulations and restrictions before you sign the dotted line.

The position of the roof

Another factor that will prove pertinent when you’re buying a solar home is roof design. As mentioned above, make sure it’s angled and isn’t obscured by an excessive amount of shade.

Key takeaways

In order to enjoy the full extent of solar energy, you need to carefully consider all aspects of buying or building a solar home.

While this may take some work and plenty of looking (especially if you’re buying), settling on the right property and the right build can yield long-term savings!

What else do I need to know before I build or buy my solar home?

At Earthsave, we help you enjoy all the benefits of a powerful solar home. Head to our blog to find more information on going solar.

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