Leveraging solar panels from leading brands.

Maximum efficiency. Optimal performance.

Our core solar panel products.

Much like it is for you, quality is at the top of our list of priorities as well. That's we've opted to provide our clients with the very best solar panels on the market that deliver the best results at optimal capacity. Gone are the days when you had to settle for mediocrity! With Earthsave, leverage the best technology.

Our solar panels leverage the diverse benefits of three core brands - Sun Power, LG, and ET Solar. You can find more specific information regarding each, below!

  • SunPower
  • LG
  • ET Solar

With a reputation for being a leading solar facilitator, ET Solar provides a wide variety of PV modules ideally suited for all types of installations. From residential to commercial and utility settings, ET Solar has solutions for all segments. Boasting a vertically integrated supply chain, the solar company claims to have complete control over the quality of their products throughout the entire manufacturing process - guaranteeing the highest standards. ET Solar offers a rich module portfolio to meet the diversified needs of customers.

At Earthsave, we are proud to work with and supply a range of ET Solar's panels to our existing and prospective customers. It is for this reason that we regularly leverage ET's Elite Poly Poly-crystalline module at many of our sites. The benefits of this product are highlighted below.

Elite Poly Poly-crystalline Module

  • ET's industry-leading processing techniques result in great results when it comes to module efficiency - reaching a maximum of 17.21%, steady power output,
  • The panel's anti-reflective coating makes the panels easier to clean by rainwater, thereby reducing O&M Costs. The result is higher power output and lower maintenance costs.
  • With outstanding loading capability, the panels can withstand 2400Pa wind loads and 5400Pa snow loads, placing them among the most durable and long-lasting panels on the market.
  • Thanks to a 0 to +5W positive tolerance, households and installed establishments can expect to gain significantly higher power yields than previously expected.
  • Providing top-quality and trustworthy products is at the forefront of what ET Solar stands for and this is bolstered by the company's built-in rigorous quality management system. ET Solar's commitment to excellence is reflected by their multiple internationally-recognized PV industry standard certifications.