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What to expect from our highly effective solar ventilators?

As temperatures continue to rise, homes and households are hammered by rising roof temperatures that in turn increase interior temperatures. As a result of this, many homeowners are turning to roof ventilators to alleviate this challenge. Unfortunately, most traditional ventilators are either ineffective or too expensive. On the flip side, however, solar ventilation has now emerged as viable, efficient, and cost-effective alternatives that are proving to be game-changing. Here at Earthsave Solar, we leverage one of the best names in solar ventilation, SolarArk, to service our customers.

SolarArk vents are known to continuously and effectively exchange roof air to avoid heat build up. Solar ventilation is perfect for any type of property - including homes, cabins, workshops, factories, warehouses, animal enclosures, sheds, schools, halls, and conventional office spaces. Our solar ventilators offer a wide array of benefits ranging from quiet and smooth operations to very low/negligible running costs.

Core advantages and value additions

  • Stay cooler in the summer: Summer roof temperatures often exceed 70°C. This greatly increases room temperatures inside your home. SolarArk solar roof ventilators can reduce roof temperatures by up to 30°C and room temperatures by up to 6°C.
  • Reduce condensation build up: Fights mould and condensation build-up in your roof space. Reduces the likelihood of mould spores in the roof space that can effect the health and air quality inside your home.
  • Improve energy efficiency of ducted air conditioning: Roof temperatures of up to 70°C during the summer significantly affects the efficiency and performance of roof ducted A/C systems by heating up the cooler air running through the A/C roof duct pipes. SolarArk solar roof ventilators address this reduction in efficiency and cooling by reducing the air temperature in the roof by up to 30°C in summer.
  • No running costs ever: Being totally solar powered, SolarArk solar roof ventilators have a $0 operating cost over the life of the product.