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What to expect from SolarArk's hot water products?

As one of Australia's leading manufacturers of high quality, high performance solar hot water systems, SolarArk's systems are designed for diverse residential and commercial applications. With a dedicated focus in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and commissioning solar hot water systems, the team at SolarArk has significant experience and proficiency in delivering world class solar heating solutions, which is why we are proud to provide their top-notch products to our clients.

The following sections highlight the specific SolarArk products we leverage. 

Stainless Steel Tank

This stainless steel storage tank can be heated using “full” or “off-peak” Tariff electricity. Long life marine grade stainless steel capable of handling high temperatures up to 95°C.

The latest aspects of design material selection include: High-grade stainless steel cylinder, control of thermal stratification, dual positive domed cylinder resulting in optimum location of elements(s) water supply.

stainless steel tank

Vitreous Enamel Storage Tanks

SolarArk heavy duty Vitreous Enamel (glass lined) hot water storage tanks are specifically designed for solar water heating.

The tanks come with the following features: 5-year warranty, energy efficient design, heavy duty construction, designed for Australian climate, excellent thermal performance, ISO 9001 & ISO14001 Manufacturing Compliance Watermark certified.


SolarArk Evacuated Tube Manifold

The SolarArk heat exchanger (manifold) is manufactured from high-grade pure red copper with the heat pipe condenser housing inserted into the main heat exchanger pipe and brazed at one end, minimizing thermal resistance and maximizing heat output, to ensure trouble free operation.

The heat exchanger is thoroughly inspected, flushed, cleaned, and pressure tested to 1250 psi.

solarark evacuated tube manifold

SolarArk Heat Pipe

The SolarArk heat pipe is a device characterized by a high heat transfer performance via the process of evaporation, condensation, and convection with excellent anti-freezing performance. Heat pipes are suitable for a wide range of applications including solar collectors. 

The SolarArk heat pipe has a lower thermal mass allowing the collector to have an accelerated start-up time.

solarark heat pipe

Solar Hydronic

Solar hydronic heating is the one of the most efficient and pleasant ways to heat your home in Australia. What is it exactly?

Sometimes referred to as “central heating” in Europe, It operates by re-circulating hot water in a closed loop or sealed circuit using wall radiators or underfloor “slab” convection to heat the home.


SolarArk Controller

SolarArk energy smart solar controller is capable of harvesting all available thermal energy converting it to usable hot water. SolarArk solar controller is designed and programmed to reduce the effect of stagnation and increase the solar collectors’ efficiency.

The standard controller supplied with the SolarArk system is factory preset and adjusted for quick installation.


SolarArk Pump

The solar hot water circulation pump operates intermittently throughout the day to maintain maximum hot water output and minimise energy consumption and is controlled by the solar controller.

On average, the pump costs approximately $10-$15 to run every year.

solarark pump

Gas Boosting

The gas boosted hot water storage tank is a standard tank with an instantaneous gas booster that can be attached to the tank or mounted on the wall near storage tank. The gas boosters are available for connection to either Natural Gas (NG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

The S20, S26, and S32 solar gas boosters are pre-set to 70˚C to automatically operate only when hot water is used if water temperature in the tank drops below 55˚C.

solarark gas boosting