The benefits of solar power in residential and commercial settings

benefits of solar power

The benefits of solar power is a topic that’s been revisited time and time again. Especially at the present moment, where the need for clean and renewable energy has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

With Australians flocking to solar power at a completely unparalleled rate, this trend forces many of us to consider the benefits of hopping onboard this, very green, bandwagon. Beyond the standard promise of ‘free energy’ or ‘reduced carbon footprint’, solar power has the potential to truly transform everyday life.

To discover the benefits of solar power and how they impact your commercial space, office or home, continue reading our post!

Solar power boosts savings – both in terms of power consumption and panel installation

For anyone who has found solar technology far too expensive, solar panels are now affordable for even the smallest households.

In fact, between 2012-2018, there was a 40% decrease in solar panel installation costs. These savings are completely exclusive of the savings you enjoy by switching from the grid to the abundantly available, solar power. For both commercial and residential properties, therefore, one of the biggest benefits of solar power is the relative affordability of this technology.

In addition to technology that’s only becoming more affordable, local solar rebates also sweeten the deal by lowering the cost of installation. For more information on the rebates available in your area, visit your local energy authority. Apart from these, you can also pursue other solar financing options including solar leasing and green energy loans.

You can anticipate an almost complete reduction in electricity costs once your solar panels are up and running. Even if you produce excess power, this can be fed into the grid in exchange for credits against your electricity bill!

Solar power increases the value of your property

Whether it’s your home, office or commercial space, solar panel installation can drive property value up over time. This is especially useful for many reasons, regardless of whether you plan to sell your property or not.

It is when you’re selling your home or commercial space, however, that you truly benefit from an increase in property value. With the ability to leverage a price above and beyond what was spent in acquiring these renewable energy systems, you will find many prospective buyers looking for a space already equipped with green technology.

This is almost the same even when you’re renting. People are willing to pay more to enjoy the benefits of free energy in their homes or offices!

Solar energy insulates you from price shocks

Another one of the very strategic benefits of solar power is its ability to shield you from price shocks brought on by the scarcity of non-renewable resources.

As electricity costs increase and the resources for producing it decrease, price shocks may become more frequent in the future. This can contribute to heavy expenditure in households, offices, and commercial spaces that rely on the grid for electricity.

Solar panel installation is easy and versatile

Adopting solar power also comes with another benefit – it is one of the least disruptive green energy systems you can add to your home or office.

Forget loud noises or unsightly devices – solar panel installation can be arranged according to the unique features of your property and the area surrounding it. If you choose the right solar panel installer, you will find that they work around your requirements and deliver a solution that makes a seamless fit in your surroundings!

Enjoy the benefits of solar power today!

Solar power has the potential to change how you live and work. Given that it is now more affordable and accessible than ever before, moving with this green trend is quite possibly one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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