The best solar home improvements to try this summer

The best solar home improvements to try this summer

While climate change dominates as the biggest global threat in 2019, temperatures keep soaring higher, making one of the most awaited seasons of all a somewhat unpleasant season. With that in mind, solar home improvements and installations, for those who don’t have a system in place, are often considered.

We understand that nobody wants to compromise on the most anticipated summer holidays! Whether it is a matter of spending your time indoors relaxing or participating in outdoor activities such as gardening, being mindful of your carbon footprint is always a good idea. Constant use of electricity for cooling purposes comes with a cost. A cost that you can’t forget about even if you wanted to.

So here are some alternatives. By trying out these solar home improvements you’ll be taking a stance on global warming and saying goodbye to an empty pocket. Isn’t that what you call a win-win situation?

Switch to solar lights

With summer comes many celebrations. And with many celebrations comes a long list of expenses. We’re here to give you an energy saving, economical alternative to one of the fundamentals to any occasion. Lighting.

By switching to solar lights you can brighten up any corner of your location in an eco-friendly and stylish manner. You can now brighten up your garden, deck or patio with stylish ambient lighting or however you prefer given that there are many designs to suit each individual’s style preferences – while also being nature-friendly.

Invest in a solar attic fan and solar hot water systems

Having a source of ventilation for your attic is one of the best moves you can make to prevent your home from overheating. By including a solar attic fan it adds a barrier between the roof and the interior of your home, consequently helping in saving the overuse of air conditioning. Moreover, when the temperature in your attic is controlled, the longevity of your roof and attic are expanded.

Hot water systems are another solar home improvement to consider. Transferring the heat of the sun into the water tank, it will prevent you from unnecessarily using your electricity!

Incorporate a solar room into your home

Enjoy the luxuries of the outdoors while being protected from pesky insects and unhealthy sunrays. Also known as sun porches or garden rooms, they make an ideal place to entertain guests and also rejuvenate. One of the best advantages of incorporating a solar room into your home is that it doesn’t demand traditional building requirements. Which means plumbing or electrical wiring isn’t essential. However, one thing to keep in mind while planning to incorporate a solar room is to pick out the space for it correctly. It’s better to go with already existing decks or porches and utilise it as the base for the room.

Make the most out of your solar panels

Adapting to the use of solar panels is more of a long-term saving than the aforementioned solar home improvements. The mechanism behind solar panels is that they use photovoltaic cells to trap the energy that the sun emanates, thereby turning sunlight into electricity.  Once you switch to solar panels, however, you will immediately see a huge drop in electricity bills. What’s more?

These panels even function on cloudy days given that they do not require non-stop sunlight. As more and more homeowners are realising the positive impact it has on the environment as well as the cutdown on home expenditure, give it a try yourself!

Service and maintain your panels

Taking into consideration the fact that panels are installed outdoors, they are prone to many natural calamities. Strong wind, fallen leaves and other weather conditions can cause loose fittings, cracks, and built up dirt in the panels resulting in ill-functioning systems. In order to prevent this, it’s best to have regular check-ups done by service companies and experts.

You can also chime in on making sure you get the best use of these panels by getting rid of anything that could potentially cast shade over your panels. Certain panels come with solar monitoring units. Utilise this often to examine your panels’ energy productivity and other systemic issues.

Key takeaways on solar home improvements

Maintaining a home and being eco-friendly at the same time seems to be quite a task for many. Therefore, we see a large group of people accepting the discomforts summer brings with it. However, it needn’t be so. By taking a moment to be mindful of the many options around you, such as the solar home improvements mentioned above, you can not only have an easy  and breezy summer but also reduce unnecessary spending!

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