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Victorian solar rebate offer

For those keen to go green, the cost of renewable energy systems such as solar panels is often a considerable obstacle. With the whole nation moving towards large-scale solar adoption, however, the Victorian local government is now providing a lucrative solar rebate for energy-conscious property owners.

This week, our focus is on the Victoria solar rebate – specifically, a scheme set to provide 24,000 homes with solar systems at half price. Having commenced just last month, the programme is set to run until June 2019.

Diving into all you need to know about this expansive renewable energy incentive, our blog this week uncovers the finer points of the Victorian solar rebate. Continue reading for more!

What does the Victorian solar rebate entail?

Beyond just allowing property owners to purchase solar systems without taking a hit to their wallet, the Victorian solar rebate also benefits those with panels already in place.

For homeowners that installed their panels prior to the commencement of the Premium Feed-in Tariff (PFIT) on the 1st of November 2009, they can now update or replace their system under this scheme.

Nonetheless, it is first-time buyers that the rebate really targets. Here, the government is offering solar panels at half price for up to 24,000 homes and will operate in addition to the other STC solar incentives in place. The rebate is presently valued at $2,225.

Under this programme, the government is also providing a $1000 rebate on solar hot water systems for around 6,000 households. Provided the Andrews Labour Government is re-elected, solar panels could be provided to a total of 650,000 homes and solar hot water systems to 60,000 properties instead.

While this may sound too good to be true, it is a credible offer for homes that meet the criteria set forth by the Victorian government. Continue reading to see if you make the cut!

Eligibility requirements

While the solar rebate does seem like a cost-effective solution to modern energy woes, homeowners need to meet a set of stringent criteria in order to be eligible. These include:

  • Possessing a combined household income less than $180,000 per annum before tax.
  • Being an owner-occupier of a home that’s valued at less than $3,000,000 (copy of recent council rates is required for the application process).
  • Owning a home that does not have a solar panel in place already
  • Possessing an eligible solar system installed on or after the 19th of August 2018.
  • Engaging an installer who can provide a statement to the effect that they have not received a WorkSafe infringement notice in the past 3 years.

For more information on eligibility requirements, visit the Solar Victoria website.

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Key takeaways

For homeowners keen on leveraging the benefits of renewable energy for more efficient power consumption, solar panels and hot water systems are a top choice.

While cost is considerable, solar rebates are an effective way to make this process more affordable. In this regard, the schemes offered by the Victorian government are those that can truly transform power consumption within the state.

Benefit from solar rebates and other affordable financing options!

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